MMQB: Newton to New England; Team docs discuss COVID-19

Cam Newton had told people over the last few months that he wasn’t really interested in going somewhere as a backup, nor did he feel he was at the juncture of his career where he’d want to be in a mentoring role for a younger quarterback. He’d also demonstrated he was willing to wait out the right situation.

That situation presented itself over the last few days.

Cam Newton’s a Patriot, and that’s a nuclear bomb for a Sunday night in June.

Here’s what I know—Bill Belichick and a number of New England offensive assistants called around on Newton, and the coaches who’ve worked with Newton the last few years really like him. I also know that Belichick has always had an affinity for players he has trouble defending, and the former NFL MVP is 100% that. Cam is 2–0 against New England, and 41-of-57 for 525 yards, six touchdowns and a single pick in those games.

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