How 6 Problem-Solvers Tackled Pandemic Challenges In Their Neighborhoods

From a generous urban farmer to a roving mariachi band, people are using their talents to help others. Read their stories — then nominate a problem-solver in your community. (Image credit: Jorge Calle; Pritesh Prajapati) Source link
1 day ago

Washington football team name change could come in coming days

News regarding the Washington football team officially changing its name appears to be imminent. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported Saturday that the team will announce a new name in the coming days. “Washington is about to have a new name in the next 24 to […]
1 day ago

Couldn’t socially distance? Blame your working memory — ScienceDaily

Whether you decided to engage in social distancing in the early stages of COVID-19 depended on how much information your working memory could hold. This is the crucial finding of a research paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences coauthored by […]
1 day ago

Thomas Chatterton Williams On Debate, Criticism And The Letter In ‘Harper’s Magazine’ : NPR

Thomas Chatterton Williams, along with more than 150 journalists, authors and writers, published a letter decrying the “intolerant climate that has set in on all sides” of debate in Harper’s Magazine. Thomas Chatterton Williams hide caption toggle caption Thomas Chatterton Williams Thomas Chatterton Williams, along […]